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The pleasure of - and preference for - process

In taking on a screenprinted 3D project, I'm reminded of just how far back into the basal, less perceptible gravitation towards process and sequence artists first decide to make. Jonesing or not for some grainy CS4 PS YouTube training, the consciousness that there will also be the selection of a second media (Paper (brand?!)? Masonite board? Wood? WHAT KIND), its size, its texture, and then its function as a medium at all, often handily dwarfs the apprehension surrounding the mere execution of that editing.

Process vs product as an argument and as a continuum is hardly new or unmolested. But the cliche is borne from good reason. A decision one way or the other is sometimes all but impossible, or would compromise the work, process or product.

So are they mutually exclusive? I'd say not. Perhaps, because I lean on my intention to focus on both as a crutch for less-than-masterful execution. I often default to a process focus likely due to some fear that I cannot execute to the product I want. (Read: I cannot execute to the product I want.)

But I relish process, too. Is that why?

The challenge is worth exploring to identify where on that scale I intend to work, and to air that alongside it finished, even if the result is my acknowledgement that it's time to go back to class. (Drawing 401 bested me, anyway.)

Expect greater beholder accountability. It's high time I exercised it.

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